Rey Juan Carlos University - Spain

The King Juan Carlos University (Spanish: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, URJC) is a Spanish public research university located in the southern area of the Community of Madrid (Spain), with five campuses at Móstoles, Alcorcón, Vicálvaro, Aranjuez and Fuenlabrada. It is named after former king Juan Carlos I of Spain and has the Latin motto Non nova, sed nove (“Not new things, but in a new way”). It was established in 1996 by the government of the Community of Madrid. With 44.916 students, it is the second-biggest public university in the Community of Madrid. URJC is one of thirteen universities in the Community of Madrid, and it is the second-newest university in the community.

The background and Experience of your team related to the planned project of the organization are:

  1. Strong research focus on computational thinking
  2. Experience with the development of educational tools for the use in the classroom
  3. Award-winning experience with the development of educational assessment tools and methods for computational thinking (e.g., Google RISE Award 2015).
  4. Diverse backgrounds: university professors and school teachers, technologists and educational researchers, researchers and disseminators